A vampiric demon in Malaysian lore, the toyol ("elevated") is created by magic and used by a witch to be her familiar. Taking the body of a deceased baby, the witch performs a ceremony that allows a demonic spirit to possess and animate the corpse, binding it to her to do her bidding. Looking like the GREEN-skinned baby with red eyes that it is, the toyol is usually kept in an earthenware jar called tempayan, which is stored under the witch's home until it is needed, as the toyol is rather mischievous when left to its own devices. It is also something of an accomplished thief, but unless it is told to go and steal something, it only takes half of what is there.
Source: Cremene, Mythology of the Vampire of Romania; Fogelson, Anthropology of Power, 282; Robbins, Global Problems, 62

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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